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The Mission Bay project includes 13 blocks of mainly residential apartments, including high-end executive, market-rate, and low-income units, and some commercial space. On the Job Site visited with members of Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 as they were working on seven buildings consisting of 1,297 apartments.


Foundry Square, at First and Howard, is a complex of office buildings with large, inviting granite patios. The patio at Foundry Building III is comprised of about 1,500 magnificent black granite pavers that can weigh several hundred pounds each and require 6 men to put in place.


Being an ironworker takes a certain temperament. The men and women of the trade have to be meticulous with safety and the standards that form a building’s structure, but they also need to be flexible with their skills to adapt to the needs of every project. At the end of the day, they’re known for doing what needs to be done.


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